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Peccioli Plastic Centre & WtE Plant

Studio Work, 2019-2020

-RIBA South Prize of Highest Standard of Detail in Design-

-Distinction of University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom, 2020-

-2020 AJ Magazine July Issue : 'Student Special'-

-Project exhibited in 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Pavilon 2021-

The main concept of this project is to create a new ecosystem that combines the WtE(Waste-to-Energy) namely the machines(technology), the spatial experience(human), and the natural habitat into one interwined experience. The proposed design comprises a WtE implant and a plastic recycling system seeking for new alternatives in dealing with the plastic waste. One of the key features which drove the design of this project comes from the mealworms (Styrofoam eating Worms) experiment. The mealworms can consume plastics and convert approximately half of it into carbon dioxide through their feces and bacteria. Those bacteria which can be found in the guts of the mealworms help to break down polymers easiily. Therefore, the architecture works in terms of containing and enveloping all of these processes of transformation. The envelope is conceivedas a habitat for the plastic-eating mealworms which as a living system are ecologically coupled with architecture. The core function of this building then is to convert the combustible waste into energy while recycling the plastic into 3D filaments for further usafe. Besides, the building is also a hub for people to learn,research,publish and understand the importance of recycling, The building will reuse the heat energy produced from the machines as electricity supply to sustain the building meanwhile reduce the energy comsumption. Thus, this project could potentially become an option to reduce landfill dispersion and helps to stimulate creative thought by initiate an ecological typology to rehabilate the ecosystems. Whilst, reinvent plastic waste in different usage, it is important in providing awareness of the environmental impact of waste.

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