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Fractal Parliament

Studio Work, 2018-2019

-MArch 1 Best Portfolio Prize-

-2019 featured in AR Magazine 'IMPROVISATION ON ROME'-

The Fractal city is a miniature of the big city of Rome. A new Idea of Parliament architecture is present to show the new form of power. The building consist of continuous access, spiraling up through the building, each lined with shops, gallery and offices. It is modified in terms of its horizontal and vertical components so improved links can be made both the formal and informal spaces works together. The Council of Representatives building is formed in the shape of a circle: a strong, simple geometry of great architectural power and lineage. In this context as an image of the State, it is a symbol of convergence and stability. A circle has no one elevation, presenting the same face to all. Divergent axes are co-ordinates and brought into agreement. The building’s circular plan echoes the shapes of the hemicycles within – themselves a geometry of agreement – and allows views out in all directions from the generous perimeter area.

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