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Trans Siberian Pitstop

Bee Breeders Competition Work, 2016

Stretching along the vast land of Russia, Trans-Siberian railway,had richly embraced the myriad fusion of tradition and culture across the nation. Symbols of cultural identities had flooded the nation over the centuries, but yet how many persons truly understand them? It's the real things behind that people never get to see. There're the sky, the earth, the sun, the landscape, that honestly defining a sensuousness to a city. Rather than creating another distinctive white elephant, our approach to the pitstop design is about emptiness, openness and honesty. It acts as a clean slate, a perceptual vacuum, leaving people in an empty state, perception is this calmed and dulled. A memory may surface, from each individual's remembrance of past history. Thus form their own story about the city they visited. It does not house the history, but it creates.

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